01 February, 2007

A things I HATE

i really hate people who judge others by the mobile phone they are carrying, car they are driving, watches and suites they are wearing.

why should i judge a person differently if i see him carrying a nokia 1100 rather than an N 94, does this makes him a lesser person???!!!

just the other day, sis told me i should get a car that suites me and my position better!!!!!!!!! I drive a 128, it isn't mine even, it is mom's i asked her what car suites me and my position she just said a better car.

i know friends who prefer buying Rolex counterfeits watches than any other brand, go into debt to get the latest Toyota or Opel rather than driving a lesser car and being debt free.

don't think i want to start talking about marriage situations where the groom is judged by his apartment or car............ etc, rather than his true traits and his ability to care and provide.

really my heart bleeds. i pray God to see the true hearts of people and never get fooled or carried away behind appearences.

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