06 March, 2007


I really cant describe what is happening in Alexandria these days, all the streets are in a very bad condition and this had been the case for a couple of years, but for the pavements Kaman.
I cant drive at all, I keep hearing strange sounds in the car, also cant determine if the vibrations and jingles in the car are from it or from the bad roads.

They cut trees, a very sad seen for me as we don’t have enough of them in alex, they cut the big ones and put matchsticks hoping it will grow to be big ones !!!!!!!!
They destroy perfectly good pavements and building new ones!!!!!!!!! Though lots of them was only built less than a year ago.

When I am riding a taxi, the taxi drivers with every matab beyed3o 3ala el mohafez, people walking in the streets get hurt from all the unorganized unsupervised construction.

They say all will be over in a couple of months and all will be ok, but 50% of the expenditure from my view was totally unjustified just waste of my money.

I am not asking about natural gas, petroleum or suez canal revenues, I am asking where does my money in the form of tax goes. Why don’t I feel better off in terms of services?

My heart aches awi from the corruption, and it is all around us

عمر بن عبدالعزيز قال لو تعثرت دابه في اقصى الارض لسئلت عنها يوم القيامه

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Nerro said...

I noticed the streets condition this time, was roaming the streets around the National museum w keda..and I was like...ezay el 3arabeyat betemshy.
One more thing, I was in Alex last October, and I was there this weekend, what happened to the extremely clean city? ana z3elt awi.