06 March, 2007

fire walls are down

A bright, sunny, clear day. The type of day u hate to be at work or staying indoors. But on the other side, it is a slow day at work.

Got a friend a fake watch as birthday present!!!!!!!! Couldn’t believe myself. But seems it is the new hip these days and I was totally out of time and was for 350!!!!!!!!!! My friends told me the originals cost 10,000+

I was never good at remembering dates or names. But started keeping track of them lately thanks to yahoo calendar.

She hated me for not remembering our special dates, she was right, but I always had an edge over her. I never forgot how it felt or how it was like. Maybe this is why I cant forget easily.

Song in the back of my mind, hotel California ( some dance to remember, some dance to forget )


ShimaaGamal said...

So, now I gave up, I can't stop envying her .. the idea of a man who never forgets, who is hurt, and indecesive in the step forward ..
the kind of man i wish i had in my life .. but i never had .. i had the dominant kind .. the kind who have ur blood for breakfast and celebrate a new relation by lunch ..

things that we want seldomly happen, and those that we don't always occur ..

askandarani said...

sali bena 3ala el nabi keda.

probably she is trying to get over me big times now. fa nothing to envy.

"the best is yet to come" i keep telling people this.