28 March, 2007

Cairo Take one

Cairo, I hate Cairo. but had to go to chk out a trade show and decided to sleep the night over so I could have a chance to meet old friends. Hardly have anyone in Alex now :-(

The show was ok, I went casual and was hoping to mingle with the crowd and not to be spotted, but turned out I was day dreaming. After less than an hour I was spotted by five from the Cairo office. Who were amazed to see me and a couple of exhibiters I know who insisted I must dine with them.

This was for the afternoon and the evening was mine, meet an old college friend who left Alex and now in Cairo for almost 6 months. Caught up on old issues and was updated and talked about life, the big C and work and dreams of tomorrow.

Then another meeting with a friend, we are so different but so getting along and understand each other. We managed to find this common place where we can sit and talk and respect the differences in each others. It was a warm heart to heart conversation that I really miss.

Then it was city stars time for me, this mean virgin megastore and compume, virgin came to be a disappointment, they have a nice book collection, but they don’t carry the things I really want to buy. Funny enough they show on their computers but never on the shelves.

El Fajr time. Wish I could study as much as I blog, this would be great.

Morning prayers go to a friend who his wife and his two little daughters were runed over by a car while crossing the street.

Song listening to now, El Nakshabandy

مولاي اني ببابك قد بسطت يدي فمن لي الوذ به الا انت يا سندي

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