28 March, 2007

SunSilk hair

It is a synonymies like baby face and gerber face, usually using it to describe really beautiful hair. The expression developed as I found sun silk TV ads to be the most eye catching ones, though herbal essences are good, but they tend to focus on the experience more than the hair.

What reminded me of all this, was the girl I first used the expression on. An old university colleague who really had beautiful hair. I just ran into her in ahlan ya bakawat while it was showing in Alex. And for my amazement the very next day I saw her driving as I came out of work and she waved to me.

We never actually talked except once when I ran into her at work and helped her out with a thing back then, think it was about 6 years ago.

Long wavy dark volumes hair was always my weak spot, guys used to say hair is ok, not wow but ok, I used to contradict them and say it is a fetna, this is why ALLAH asked to be covered for the week hearted like me can walk safely in the street.

The first pic of really flashy hair, the one here is more natural and real, I like the last one

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