05 March, 2007


The bigger the investment, the bigger the expected return, the higher the tenor also the higher expected return and along the way we find risk

Investment is associated with sacrifice; return associated with fulfillment and risk is uncertainty.

Opportunity cost, is the cost of investing in another project that could yield a totally different return.

It is the last one that burdens my heart, the forgone opportunity. The deprived return not for me, but for others who thought it was a sound investment.

Prayers goes tonight for stronger bonds between all of us.


سجين فى قلب الوطن said...

أعتذر عن هذا التعليق مقدما

أقتراح لقاء شهرى لمدونى الأسكندرية

E N G Y said...

Sad post, or just me see it sad?!..I don't know.
Have a good day.