25 April, 2007

Birth Day

I value a present not by its price or wrapping, but by the effort and time spent thinking about it and the person being given to. By the words written on the card and spirit it was given.

This year I was lucky enough to have a mall celebration and on the exact date of my birthday Kaman, a thing that hardly happened in ages.

It should have been an outing with some people from work and I chose the date not cause of my BD but cause I would have finished my exam and was free on it.

Think what tipped them was the contact update requested a couple of months ago and some asked for mine in return, and some people are good with dates.

I blushed when I got the present, and the card made me speechless for the rest of the outing. Seems I forgot how it feels when people are being nice and courteous to me.

For them I am thankful and speechless.

Today is 25th of April, a prayer for all the brave men who died protecting our land and for the ones on their path. For Palestine, a deep wound in lots of our souls.

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