24 April, 2007

Dalia El Beheri and Peter Drucker.

Was in Cairo last Sunday for a meeting in Nasr City, accordingly couldn’t let this golden chance slip away without visiting Virgin in city stars.

Bought some really interesting books among which was the “Daily Drucker” it is a book about famous quotes from peter drucker and a short explanation about it, a quote for every day of the year.

When I got it a friend asked me, who is peter drucker? I looked at him with a shocked face and said, you are a business graduate aren’t you? But unfortunately he couldn’t make the connection. Anyways started to tell him a bit about him and he gave me the strangest look and went to the CD section.

An hour later after settling in casper and gambinis and just finished lunch I got back in my seat and watched the day light through the glass ceiling and getting my hopes up for the coming dessert (apple pie with vanilla ice cream) I heard a female voice interrupting my thoughts and saying her good byes for the waiters and she will be back soon as she is staying inter conti. She was loud and felt her in my head.

Seconds later, my friend looked astonished and told me, you know who just passed behind you? I said who? He said Dalia El Beheri. I asked who is Dalia El Beheri?
He laughed and I remembered her.

Hopfully my friend will be traveling soon to the US to prepare his masters in business or finance, bet when he is back he will know more about Peter Drucker than me and will know him better than Dalia El Bheri.

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