19 April, 2007

coming soon to a blog near you

everyday on my way home i think about a topic to blog about, but unfortunately i never have time to do it, so here are the coming soon posts.
speaking of coming soon, 300 isnt in Alex yet???!!!!!!!

El Mataar El Seri
Not a nice person at all
The HV1600 F/o
3rd cup of coffee
The uncharming experimenting their charm
Beautiful soul.

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E N G Y said...

Yallaaaa, we are waitting:)

Anonymous said...

I will vote to POOH

Hechkok said...

I am waiting for 300 from 3 weeks ago and I hate it and every week they say next week but it never happens , it seams they have only one copy of the film in Cairo and they are waiting to finish there to bring it to us in Alex.