21 April, 2007


Almost el Fajr time, and time for a prayer. The prayer goes to all humans suffering in silence and cant talk it out. For abused women and children, for workers for everyone holding back their scream thinking they are the ones who are wrong and they are the ones to be blamed. I pray for mercy, courage and strength to change and speak out loud.

Ps. Today I turn 32.


E N G Y said...

Your prayer today hurts.
Nothing worse than screaming with closed mouth.

Happy birthday:)

Me said...

Ameen... Allahoma 2ajorhom fee moseebatehim wa akhlef lahom khayran minha...isA your da3wa is mostajaba ... last 1/3 of the night :-)

Kol sana wenta tayyeb w aqrab ila Allah :-)