06 April, 2007


The F-128 isn’t just another advanced version of the F-117 AKA Night Hawk. It is the mean machine manufactured by the Italians and was spread all over the world and came to Egypt where it was treated with the respect it deserved and earned over the years.

The F-128 was a dream, many people dreamt of it more than the Mercedes Benz or BMW because it was attainable and available in many variants.

Its maneuvering capabilities are unquestioned compared to stronger cars with better engines. Low cost of ownership made it a great deal for the majority of the Egyptian people. Back in the good old times, the decision was easy, either you are F-128 guy (i.e.: cool, outgoing and adventures) or a Lada Guy (i.e. tough, introvert and looking to improve arm muscles with out having to pay for gym) attempts were made my Adaweya to imrove the Lada image by singing to it ( el lada ya 3osha2 el Lada )

Its presence in the street demanded immediate respect, u mess with it and it will retaliate and will cost peanuts to repair.

The F-128 was a real chick magnet, unofficial statistics showed that it outperformed Polo, Golf, Peugeot and some say even BMW but the last remains to be questioned and managed to become second after the VW beatle.

This post is a tribute for a white Fiat 128 that saved my life a couple of times by being strong, that never failed me when I needed it the most. It is time for it to rest and being pampered and another engine take the hard work off its back.

Attached is a video clip, showing a younger member, the F-126 which cant be compared with the great F-128 beating a Porsche 911, after which the Porsche escaped to avoid racing the F-128.

Thank you. Aziza the II

Fiat 126 Vs Porsche 911 - The funniest videos are a click away


Me said...

Just wanted to say that I like the way you end most of your posts with a prayer for someone... very thoughtful :-)

askandarani said...

thanks, and welcome back. really missed ur writings.