02 April, 2007

Growing up

April is my month of birth, and inshaa ALLAH will be turning 32, it just stroke me as another phase of growing up, I looked back and discovered 3 different stages that I mark.

And all 3 stages were highlighted by other.

The first stage was in junior 4, my dad gave me a copy of the apartment key and told me, now you are old enough to have it and keep it safe.

Second time happened while I was walking in the street back from school and a boy ran to me and said abeeh can I walk with you cause some guys wants to hit me.

And finally the third time was a couple of weeks ago, when 2 young ladies at work were talking and the conversation was heating up and one of them held back afraid I might tell, the other told her done worry, S is like an older brother.

Who knows, may be next time it would be S is like a father to us. I just want someone to grow old with.

Tonight prayers goes to a couple I knew from college who got divorced may ALLAH clear their hearts from grudges and remind them of what united them in first place.
song in the back of my mind, hisham abaas, zaman wana soghayer


E N G Y said...

Anyway, it's better then to be asked "how old r u" and when u tell, the other one says "aeh da, wala yban 3aleeky khalessss" as if I said I am 50 yrs:)))

Happy birthday in advance:)

Hechkok said...

you reminded me when I heard 2 guys talking about me refering to me as the old fat guy with the smile and it chocked me till I realized thr truth.
Nice post I liked it.

Juka said...

Wasn't sure if you'd recheck 3andy.

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