03 May, 2007

Miss it awi :-((

Every time I watch the Fajr prayers from Mecca my heart aches awi. Miss it so much and miss being their. I always say it is better not to go as it doesn’t matter how much you want to go, when u go and return your desire to go again is far much bigger.

Prayers for all who want to go to Hij and Omra, may Allah answer there prayers and for young women with no mehrem, may Allah give them patience and to go soon inshaa Allah. and for the ones who actually go, not to forget me in their prayers.

1 comment:

E N G Y said...

Thankd for your prayers, I really feel sad awy when they talk about going to Omra, I wanna go awy awy and the mehrem is my only problem:(

Rabena yktebhalak tany isA.