03 May, 2007

"diet" drink

Ok, this isn’t a speedometer gauge, it is my weight scale. With me standing on it. Everyone is amazed of how much I gained weight and in such a short period (a secrete I wont be sharing but will give a clue the word starts with a “C”). Anyways, what triggered this post was when I went to the kitchen at work and asked for a cup of coffee. A thing I hardly ever drink but forced to do so to help me stay up for economics ( it worked wonders, I slept for a couple of hours when I got home and still awake till now). So they guy in the kitchen suggested I would drink “diet” I thought he meant a diet coke or something, but it turned out to be a new drink he is making (this guy introduced karkadeh, sahalb and zangabeel aka zangaboliom) the “diet” consisted of zangaboliom, yansoon and marya or something rhyming with it and a secret 4th ingredient. Have no idea about the proportions but what worried me it was served in coffee cups, i.e. small dosage. Took a sip and gave it to T which really liked and ordered another one!!!!!!!!!!!

T should have called last night to discuss economics, but he didn’t, anyways, only an hour and will know how things went with “diet”.

Seriously, I really need to start running, need to lose weight and get fit again need more endorphin in my blood.
Ps. hope didnt pass 120, as the scale max is 120

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Unique Muslimah said...

I really hope you can succeed in your mission inshallah. I'm also on a lose weight mission, I'm not calling it a diet though, because that makes me rebel and eat a lot of junk food!

On my blog I've dedicated a page called H-Club (Health club) so you're welcome to share your motivation and worries there! Good luck =)