12 May, 2007


Now almost all my friends don’t answer their phones when I call, and almost all don’t call back Kaman. And the newest trend, they don’t call asasan unless they want something.

I gave up on lots of them, now my mobile is always silent and started blogging. A friend called me today and started complaining how when ever he tries to get in touch with X he never answers and never calls back. He wondered, if I needed him for a real emergency what should I do. This friend is from alex and living in cairo.

Usually I try my best to stay in touch, but with the new trend picking up it is getting more difficult as if people stopped caring about each other and the “ME” attitude is prevailing.

Could anyone be really that busy???!!!!!

On the lighter side, a couple of friends been stalking me all day to try the new video call which I simple rejected

Mohamed ahamed makes shakshouka a thing I recently discovered and became my number one favorite order.

MacDonald’s broke my heart today, their soft ice cream machine was broken ( a thing I was dreaming to eat after shakshouka)

A prayer goes for stronger ties between people and sincere caring and brotherhood to prevail


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

The "Me" culture is really dominating, i agree with that ...

are people that busy ??!! NO, but they busy themselves, in addition there is a continuous eager to know new people, and keep it short with old onez ... we are in an era where a person look forward to an open world, and want to have the maximum of it ... with a rule of don't look back

my phone is silent too most of the time dear! so you are not alone:)

askandarani said...

"know new people and keep it short with old ones"
This is bad, not good khales, just like an organization keen on getting new customers while not retaining old ones. This is a sure way for bankruptcy and in our case it will be emotional bankruptcy.

Time build commitment, add value and give warmth in a relation.

My mobile may be always silent, but I always call back ;-)