12 May, 2007

V from Link.Net

I used to be really loyal to link.net, in the good old days when dial up internet access wasn’t free I chose link.net, and not only that but I used to give the password to my friends to experience before actually joining it.

Then cam the free internet, and still link.net was my bench mark upon which other companies had to stand. I am a bit of an IT geek, when someone buys a new pc s/he brings it to me to install software and configure it and I always chose 07770777 as the default.

Then cam the DSL and as a natural result I continued with link.net and always advised my friends to join it.

Then the DSL prices were cut down and here was when all my troubles started, the speed dropped by 1/3 in the best condition and almost 2/3 in peek hours, I said to my self, it is ok when is important is the reliability of the service not the speed.

Till one day they introduced electronic payment through their web site which off course I found to be most convenient and tried it at once, and the downfall started.

They didn’t account for the e-payment and despite several phone calls and one visit upon which I had provided all the required documents to prove my online transaction and assurance from them that it will be solved before my next payment. They cut the service off and when I exclaimed they said cause I didn’t pay………

This was it and I took it personal, REAL personal, I went to cancel the service and paid twice for the month they didn’t account for just to get out. Then after a while a genius in there accounting dept figured what went wrong and called so I can get the month I double paid.
we set an appointment and I was there on time, I asked one of the customer care officers to call him as he was in the accounting dept not customer area, but he was too busy to come and meet me for 2 minutes and above all didn’t have the decency to apologize in person over the phone.

A sad, but true story.

Usually people come and ask me about computer related stuff and always ask who is the best ISP and I always tell them stay away from link, even if they get an offer of a couple of months free, double the speed or even a free router. My answer was the same, stay away from link.
If the endeavored into the relation despite my warnings, any question they ask regarding the internet I usually answer with the phrase “link mesh keda mmmmm” and also I started targeting existing users, you are with link, then you are downloading at half speed and show him the path of redemption.

Now, no one I know uses link. Even laptops I come across to setup, I don’t use 07770777.

Marketing people will find this a classic example of how a relation goes bad.

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