23 June, 2007

El Matar El Seri

This is my blog. When I first started it I used to be so secretive about it, using an alias, a new mail account not referring to me keda ya3ni. But I ended up giving it to some people around me. I don’t know why I did so but I just gave it away.

Some got it by error when I sent my contact details and forgot to erase it and others I just gave them the link and finally people I knew from blogs and got to know the real me.

I fear people would relate me to my blog, not cause I am ashamed of it but cause it is personal awi. Lots of details about me, my life and how I interpret things. It would give a great edge for someone who knows me and the mere thought makes me uncomfortable.

Think I am schizophrenic, having this blog personality and my real personality, if my blog is known to my coworkers I will be eaten alive and for breakfast Kaman.


Me said...

"I will be eaten alive and for breakfast Kaman."

LOLOLOL !!! I really laughed out loud begad!! hehehehe!!!

I started my blog 2 years ago ...and I haven't told a single soul about it and I don't intend to...it's not that it isn't me out there.. I am the same person...but dunno why...won't tell anyone ...

I met some really nice girls through blogging and got to know them in person... and even went to Cairo and met them... it was awesome ... and I consider them friends...my family knows I met them throught the net.. and that we were helping each other with charity work.. then we exchanged emails.. then phone numbers ... then we met ... but they don't know it was through "blogging"...and bardo ... I won't tell them :-)

PS. I sometimes think blogging is like writing what you say and think between you and yourself... and do you go around telling the people you know all what you think to yourself?

Shimaa Gamal said...

I thought of selling u out :):):)

tedfa3 kam 3ashan teshtery sokaty .. lol

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i do the same ...

a new mail, a nick name... write as the true me, not the one who is dealing with people.

you are right, our blogs are our personal space to breath...