09 June, 2007


I got promoted, this time it wasn’t just a small step ahead but rather a jump into a new category. in the good old days hardly anyone got promoted and in case of any promotion, usually it was a grade or a little something, not the large leaps type.

Personally I never cared about promotions, I just do my work, try to be good at what I do, and add value along the way for myself and others who work with me. ( simply working harder, not smarter and personally being accountable for what I do and others with me do ) rather a stupid poetic view of a modern work place.

when I received a promotion I would be happy, tell my friends and take my parents out or bring something special home but not this time

this time is tottaly different, deep inside I feel I don’t deserve it, I didn’t work hard enough for it and still my experience in the field is somewhat limited. Actually I am embarrassed to tell anyone of this title. I didn’t ask for it aslan, if I have what it takes for the job is still questionable.

The funny thing, my other colleagues who got the same title, only one person understands me, the others are having the time of their life bragging it around and letting everyone know. Talking about changing business cards to reflect the new title, allowances and fringe benefits that come along.

I pity them, and pity my other colleagues who weren’t promoted, not cause they didn’t deserve it, but for the strange twists of destiny.


Shimaa Gamal said...

Mabrook :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Mabrook ... dear askandarani

and by the way ... if you don't feel that you deserve it ... the cure is very simple... work hard enough to fill the space until you feel that you really deserve it ..

bas keda ... i told you it was simple :)

E N G Y said...


miss egyptiana is right, if you think you don't fill the place, do your best to fill it soon.

Hey you are good enough for thwe promotion.

Feel happy and enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

I do believe that it is a gift form Allah so don’t say u don’t deserve it I can under stand what u mean … but I think may be Allah is rewarding u for some thing else either than work.. try to related to any thing else ..may be it is just a message from him to tell you I am satisfied about you … mobarak 3alik ya fandem