09 June, 2007

happy birthday DD

Donald is celebrating his birthday, happy birthday goes for my favorite duck, he is 70 something, but doesn’t look a day older since the first time I laid eyes on. I do envy him for his ability of hitting the ceiling during his crazy anger rages, letting it all out and starting over again. Unlike me having a tin can factory inside keeping and storing my rages in.

He wears my favorite color, doesn’t care about the type of car he is driving around town. Taking care of his family and trying to be there for his special one.

Happy birthday, and thanks for always putting a smile on my face.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear Donald ...

i wish you a very happy birthday with all you friends and lovely family

and during this year i wish you find a good job better than cleaning up 7'aznet 3am dahab, or even work in masna3 el samn :)

i wish you have better luck than ma7zoz .. and be able to take zizi to a wonderful trip this summer

please take care while you are fishing... and i hope that you spend a great time without abu zana make any trouble

love you Donald ... my favorite duck ever

ps: i still read mickey magazine till now :) do you?? - no this question goes for askandarani not you dear Donald :)

askandarani said...

offcourse i still read it, this is how i knew it was donalds BD, liked the poster that came along btw.