27 June, 2007

who makes me laugh

ok, was hoping to c karkar yesterday but seems it isnt out in the cinemas yet L, my problem is when ever I say the name of Mohamed saad, no one seems to be interested in coming along or for them going to his movies will be a second choice. While it is my first choice always and I may attend the film twice Kaman.

Some say I have a nice taste when it comes to movies, and my love to this character dazzles them. I love him cause he makes me laugh. Just like Foad el Mohandes who I really like bardo. ( I am not comparing artists here)

Y blogging at this time of day, simply cause I am home, with a take home exam :-(

1 comment:

nourita said...

good luck for the exam!
once you see KARKAR tell me if it is worth seeing it & if u really laughed at it