25 June, 2007


سفرك مصر مش حيخليك ابن جاحد

لو سبت , مرتبك حيقل صح؟

In Alex we negotiate after the meeting, in Cairo they negotiate during the meeting

Don’t put your self under their mercy, they are ruthless

Will you be willing to give up a career path and a demanding job for a relaxed way of life?

If you exert half the effort you are doing here in Cairo you will be more appreciated

Are you willing to give up all what you worked for and start with what u left 3 years ago?

Why do I feel Cairo is calling me, why do I feel Cairo is el nadaha?

This time, my turn to ask for your prayers. May ALLAH show me the correct path and have mercy on me.

prayers goes for a john doe who died suddenly today, may GOD bless him.


E N G Y said...

Don't come, you won't like living her, you won't bear it!
You have a good job, family and friemds thier, why you leave'em?!!

Rabena 73melak ele feah el kher we ysayarak lel feah kherak isA.

nesrina said...

My advice is ... pray estekhara and isA god will guide u to the best way.
Prayers and best wishes.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

the whole issue depend on many factors

cairo is a tough city ... you have to adapt with that fact, or you wont be able to carry on

rabena ye3melak ely feh el 7'er ensha alah

Anonymous said...

hope it's the right choice, God bless you