10 July, 2007


Seen 1

Driving a car, suddenly notice an old man who fell and laying down between a parked car and the pavement, no one seems to be around to help him out and he started to wave desperately.

Driver Stops the car, take the mobile and go help this poor man out, another 2 young men show up form nowhere helping the old man up and car driver join in,

The old man is up and getting a grip on himself. For a second he starts crying but he stopped himself. Driver insists on driving him where he wants to go but the old man insists with a gentle no. brushing the dust and leaves of his trousers saying el hamdu lel ALLAH to him he continue on his way.

Seen 2

An old man 65+ with his wife also an old lady, doing Tawaf in Maka, the old man faints cause of the heat, his wife beside him cant even call anyone from the surprise. Spraying water on him and medics come carry him away on a stretch. Wife puzzled accompanies him. Not a word spoken, nationality unknown but a fellow Muslim, a fellow human.

Seen 3

An old man in the cinema, couldn’t continue the movie decides to leave, stand up, starts coming down the stairs in pitch black darkness, he stumbles hard every other step and no one cares to lend him a hand and help him down the stairs.

اللهم متعنا بابصارنا واسماعنا وقواتنا مااحييتنا اللهم عوض اخوننا خيرا في الجنه ان شاء الله اللهم انفعهم بمايسرت لهم

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Anonymous said...

sometimes i wish i could pause the time so that i wouldn't age then i realize it's sunnat el heya. a thing we all fear but we couldn't escape. they say every stage of life has its beauty.