15 July, 2007

mabroooook, mabrooooooooook

She was an old online friend from the good old days before mobile phones, webcams, ICQ was still an infant and 99.9% of the net users spoke good English.

She crossed my mind a lot today, don’t know why. I pray for her when she crosses my mind. to spare u all the details while she was engaged she developed breast cancer. Went through the hell of chemotherapy fear of imputation and other fears she had deep inside, her mom died of cancer and her father also died of cancer but this was just after her marriage.

Thank God she was cured from cancer and didn’t need the imputation procedure only a small operation to remove traces of the tumor and the wedding though a bit delayed but she got married and thank God bardo I didn’t rush into writing her an e-mail or calling her to c how she is doing today.

When I arrived home and checked my facebook I found her on it, don’t know how, but she was among my friends and a picture of a very sweet young baby in it. Very happy for her and this was the best thing I came across in ages.

Worried about her cause mom told me zaman when I talked to her about her condition that pregnancy and all the hormonal changes that accompanies it my trigger cancer again.

Prayers goes for her may she has a wonderful life, may her son grow up to be strong and kind and she guide him through every stage of his life.

And a thank you for facebook, whether it is an affiliate of the CIA, NSA or 2amn el dawla.

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