29 July, 2007


Still at work, don’t know y the firewall suddenly allowed blogger, is it a trap, but will be taking my chances.

For tonight just prayers.

For X who his child is autistic and showed no level of improvement after a year of traditional treatment

For X to find peace of mind and heart, today was his birthday

For X to return safely from omra with his family.

For X who have a mosiba at work, may the trust he gave to be in its right place

When anyone goes to omra or hij and ask me what do u want us to get, I tell them just pray for me ربنا يكفيني شر الفضيحه I never wanted anything more.

As for me I pray I c what is right and yekfeni shar el fedi7a.

Ps. For all those who I missed their birthdays, been a while since I last mailed or who chk my blog and find it stale. I am sorry


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

I wanna add a prayer to a gentle soul, may his simple wishes come true ... or else may god give him the strength to face the bitterness of what he cannot change

E N G Y said...

My grandma used to pray :
اللهم استرنى فوق الارض و تحت الارض و يوم العرض عليك
I love this one, and ask whoever go to omra or Haj to pray this for me.
Same meaning as yours.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry too to all of those who i didn't share every moment they were in need of someone to give them a hand, a smile or even just to be there
my prayers go to this special person who i know he needs it... God bless him