06 August, 2007

Boys and there toys

Ok, in lectures now, another marketing lecture and totally off mode. Marketing lectures used to be fun but studying always turned out to be a real pain.

So decided to pick up on my late blogging.
Boys and their toys.

This is my new toy, the palm treo 680. Not a Nokia communicator not an I-mate or a black berry but my good old reliable palm with a phone.

Palm never picked up in Egypt, think cause people never needed a real organizer or task manager with the life styles we are leading. The N series are beating the E series out of business in Egypt. People are getting I-mates to show off.

Having a palm was a dream, I liked the visor ( an old palm device manufacturer who was acquired by palm) but never got a chance to buy it. My first palm was a second hand device I got it from a friend who bought what I said about palm devices but he couldn’t “relate to it” so he got a regular mobile with a good camera.

It was like magic, if it is on my palm, then I don’t have an excuse for not remembering. My mom shopping list became easier to remember I even thought she could make it on a pc and when I sync I get it on my palm, but I was day dreaming.

Anyways the new palm treo is far much advanced, it got 3 times the strength of my first pc. I got a data SIM from Vodafone, it is way too cool I can log to the net, check my mails, even an occasional chat. And the coolest thing about it is that it doesn’t support voice calls, just SMS and thinking of using it as a pager.

Bad points, poor battery life, small buttons for the keyboard and no WI-FI which means I depend on my SIM for data communication.

If ur interested drop me a line on 0109075093

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