18 August, 2007

Aching heart 2

I don’t know how to start this post, I don’t know if what I will be talking about will be appropriate or not but here I go.

A couple of years a go a friend died after spending almost 7 months in ICU of a hospital after having a devastating car accident where his dad passed away immediately and he died after six months during which he showed no sign of activity.

I prayed that Allah will show us a miracle in him, that he will fully recover and all this would be a distant memory. But things didn’t work as I wished. He died leaving behind a young wife, a baby he never saw and for me a big question mark, a deep feeling of disappointment and a feeling of anger. Never have I reached peace with myself regarding this issue.

The reason of this introduction is now another friend is in the same situation, a car accident, lots of broken bones, a comma and galtat in his blood stream. A young wife, two little girls are praying they themselves survived a car accident a couple of months ago.

The thing is when I start and pray for him I unconsciously started using the same prayers I used for the first friend, I stopped and didn’t know what to say and couldn’t continue.
I know there are things in our lives we cant control, I am quite aware of the fact that I may not finish this post I am comfortable with this fact my only regret would be my sins not that I would have wanted to have more or do more cause I will be certain I have fulfilled my share.


E N G Y said...

لو اطلعتم على الغيب لرضيتم بالواقع

Rabena always choose the best for us in a way, we won't ever understand. I always think that if we know what God knows, we would be Gods then!!.

Just pray and pray
الدعاء يغير القدر

Jade said...

You actually dont have to say anything... He knows.