18 August, 2007


In the train, heading back to alex, y didn’t I blog on my way to cairo, cause the laptop had a panic attack.

Yep, u know those time when ur pc freezes or wont start for no apparent reason and with out doing anything it starts working again normally. This is exactly my case.

Someone asked me what do I call my laptop, I found this question strange, usually I call it “competer” or “el e27’tera3” we only call cars. Aziza,1,2,3…..etc

The thing is now, I don’t like my laptop, don’t know y. I never did since the first time I bought it, though great specs, light and good battery, but not me. El mosiba I am thinking of changing it now.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

heeeeeeeeeeehehehehehehe *devilish laugh

you wanna change it huh ....

anyway, i call my old one fofo, and my new one toto ... for me anything has to have a name... it increase the intimacy and attachment even with something that is not alive