10 August, 2007

Back to alex

Ok, one best thing about the train and cairo is it lets me pick up on my blogging, which has suffered lots lately cause of work, studying and me being old me a lazy brota.

Lucky I have finally a moza beside me this time, but she is the nervous type, I am afraid to initiate a conversation with. But alas. Better safe than sorry.

The train is like a family gathering, not the gloomy men with laptops and beat up people who snore all the way.
But families and their children, ages 5 to 8 very energetic mashaa allah and NOISY. Thanks for modern technology, earphones and panadol i have been isolated from the noise and some what was a pleasant ride, as for the moza thing, she was about to lose it, all the noise, children running around and children moving the food tray on the back of her seat, was like hell for her. she read el ahram, tried to read a couple of pages from "no one sleep in alex" but she couldnt, tried being nice and offer here a panadol but she refused politly

Strange now as people are disembarking all the children fell asleep and seem to be out of energy.

Over and out till next Sunday.

1 comment:

E N G Y said...

I like your new posts, and i do LIKE trains.
I like starring from the window to the no where (I travel at night and it's usualy dark outside), few times some ppl intiated converations with me, once was an old man, he was sweeet,the type who gives you the ipression that he can be your father, uncle keda ya3ny.
Another time was a young man, he was from Alex but studying here in Cairi, he was sweet too, I felt him as my younger brother, he taked about everything, didn't stop talking for the 2 hours, once was a lady and another time was a 18 yrs old girl.
I love trains and don't mind to talk with whoever sets besides me (byban ya3ny le bystahbel men ele b chit chat to pass the time).
I love trains:)