10 August, 2007


Hotel was mmmmm ok, didn’t have time to get accustomed to it, but I prefer the old hotel more.
This would make the reader wonder how do a hotel stand out with me, well my judgment is based on clean sheets and the present of shatafa.
Yes u red it right, Shatafa, seems cairo have an issue with shatafat, they don’t like it, they prefer the hoze type not the built in type. This one I really hate.

This is why movenbick scored least with me, then Sheraton,
Every hotel should have a an ideal standard with a built in shatafa.

Usually when I am in cairo I chk in horreys hotel ( hate them ) but the closest I can get to meryland and nasr city, then el marwa palace in el mesaha square, a + for being near metro market, accessible by the under ground and near work, then the new arrival the concorde, the place more reachable than el marwa, but no shatafa at all but a bedeeh.

Pic pic from whose ego


E N G Y said...

You will never stop hating Cairo and everything related to Cairo, the hoze type is the one used in most of the hotels,in Cairo,in alex and everywhere, not just in Cairo.
any ways, you made me smile, thanks!!

Enas Mossa said...

fe3lan mawdo3 7ayawey gedan :D