10 August, 2007

The Collector

Been 3 days since I last read news papers this a record for me, I read news papers on daily basis, ahram as a hard copy and others as soft copies on the net.
I read mickey and now I have lots of pending books to read think I became a “collector” u know they are the type of people who get books put them in the library cause they look nice and leave a good impression when people come visiting.
The book that left me with that feeling is the new harry potter, I still have pending readings from my last order, but never the less I got the seventh part, it wont run out and will get a bit cheaper by the time I finish my penindgs, but it was a compulsive behavior I need to control.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i never liked to read harry potter in English, i dunno why !!!!!

maybe cause i didn't like the way JK rowling writes, and i feel it is not a writers way ???!!!

so i am waiting for the translation

and heyyyy!!! i too have many pending books, so i decided that i will not buy any new books until i finish what i have , but .... u never know, i am a book addict and i may find something on the way specially after i discovered this book khan hehehehe