06 August, 2007


I miss Her.

I always wanted to share more than desert at chillis. I wanted to share a life time, but things didn’t work out. First time I went to omra I prayed she would be mine, I prayed so hard like I never prayed before, but ALLAH had other plans, second time I went I prayed She would be for someone far better than me, I prayed equally hard bas bardo. I never knew how, why or what I am hopping for. Am I being stubborn or it is ALLAH will. Now I pray for a sign hope I am not too blind so I could c it.

Remember nagat song, la takzebi,
كنتي لي ذنب دعوت الله الا يغفره
I wish there is an undo button, I would undo my self from her life but will keep her in mine.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

He was always my most beautiful regret ...

it is the true love ... true with the true meanings ...

:( you make my heart ache

E N G Y said...

Sad post..sad and touchy.
Me too wish My life has an undo button. I would undo me from his life, him from mine!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Do MISS HIM so much ... I wanna be OLD with HIM :((((((((((((((((((((

Shimaa Gamal said...


There is no use of undoing certain things, life some how resembles an old CD, you can only write things for once.
The idea of living to find out a way to look back with no regret, to regret with no pain, to learn without stopping and to move on while you are stuck in your place.

I know I sound irrelevant and dreamy. But I believe that things only happen to us when we are ready and really willing for these things to happen.

If I have this undo button I will never use it, If I have a time machine I will not change a thing. If what happened is to happen one more time, I will do it all again. I won't miss a thing and I am not missing a thing now.

I am who I am because of all the things that should be undone. I don't have to be happy with it, but I should accept it.
You can run form anything but urself, you are the only person you can't hide from ...

a sweeping experience is what you need, else ... Do it!! Do what you want, not what you have to.

Anonymous said...

i miss him too.
he's here and not here he takes no actions towards me i know his life is so busy but i don't know is it that he has no time for himself or is it that he has no time for me or is it that he tries to keep the distance. i told him we have to bridge the gap he said we have to speak alot. i know there's alot that i need to know but whenever i tell myself i'll ask, i'll spit it all out i do nothing there's always no opportunity coz there's always no time. i never told him "i love you" i never actually told him how i feel towards him but i show him i care i care alot. the thing is i know i should express myself to him but whenever i feel the need to he's not there for some reason. the thing that scares me; when he neglects me now how will he act later. i don't see him in my future life but i still can't make the step and cut it off. i know time is not on my side. i'm really helpless.
this magical undo button would help alot, i wish i had it.

askandarani said...

dear anonymous,
dont make someone your priority while you are an option for him.
such relations are vicious circles with no end, just cut it short express your feelings (as some are bad with reading signs) and move along if necessary.


Anonymous said...

it's over bet. us without one single word i know these are hardtimes but i told him i'll wait for you i know i'm not good at all at expressing myself even in the simplest of situations with the simplest words or gestures but he should know this i told him but i didn't tell him that i need him & i miss him alot. he just stopped communicating i tell myself he tried to speak to me afterwards but i didn't encourage him enough i didn't do my best... yes, i blame myself. other thoughts tell me "no" if he wanted to do anything he'd have done it he would have done anything to reach you. thoughts tear me apart:(((((( why on earth would a guy run after a girl for the sake of just a smile or a word or even a glance for months then dump her just like this????????

song of the day: i cry (west life)