06 August, 2007

Train thoughts

On my way back to alex now after spending the day in cairo. I still do hate cairo, despite all the thoughts of realocating and everything, I still find it difficult to accept and digest. People are strange, don’t know y???!!! and it is affecting everything, starting from driving till work. Cramped up in a car at 6:30 in the morning with 3 others, yes I was sitting in the back seat with another couple of coworkers. Things didn’t went that good, but I wasn’t that prepared fa it was ok. Still have to be back on Thursday, hope I could prepare better during that time.

I wonder y I never get to sit beside a cool girl while traveling, whether by a superjet or train or anything always a male and if I am lucky he wont smell.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) i was always thinking about this ... why every time i take a train or airplane i find a mother or an old man or a kid by my side

why not a cool handsome guy like in movies :D

the answer is simply cause we live in REAL LIFE lol

but i would consider myself lucky if i am siting with no one by my side

biko said...

Not always cute guys make a differnt .. As last time a cute guy sat beside me for about five hours but without a single word . After i saw him coming to sit beside i was so happy & imagined lots of sceniros but all gone ;);(