11 September, 2007


The blog had been compromised. should I start the self destruct sequence or make it invite only or what?
When I first started the blog I shared it with some friends and fellow blogers came along. But this is the first time an uninvited reader who actually knows me came along. Think a friend told him this is askandarani’s blog and he checked it out.

I am fine with him, but it will affect the image I am portraying as he said some of your posts are really touchy and he almost cried and he found I could write English without starting with “re the a/m subject” he found a beating heart behind the unexpressional face.

This reminded me of a friend who when reading my blog said she owed me an apology cause she “thought I wasn’t such a nice person”

Think I will do nothing, but hate to feel week.


nourita said...

oooh...i dont know how i would react if someone whom i know come on my blog and read it.
anyway this was just a bracket

I wanted just to point out that showing emotion does not mean being weak
Don't you agree?

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

being weak ?
where is that ...

common, by being weak, you are simply making yourself strong... actually facing your weaknesses show how strong and brave you are!!!

kol sana we enta tayeb

Rubi said...

ok now being one of the two ppl u referred to i have to say that it's ok 2 start a sentence with sthg other than re a/m subject,
want 2 point out that we were really impressed by your blog, never dd any of your friends(and i know quite a few of them)think you were emotionless, still we are all convinced that you posess one of the strongest personalities even though u have a blog with touching stuff:))emotions do not contradict with character