11 September, 2007

The HV-1600

This car is amazing, it is the second car I drive in my life after the famous 128. the HV-1600 is aka Aziza 3,

It has mirrors, actually it has 3 kaman, the normal in the middle of the cabin and one at each side of the front doors. Kidding off course, the thing is in the 128 the only fully function mirror was the one in the middle, the right hand side mirror gave up ages ago, the driver mirror isn’t stable which leaves me with the center mirror, now while parking I don’t have to pup out my head to chk if I am too close to the pavement or the quick glance over my right shoulder to chk if it is ok to take a severe right.

It comes with an air-condition which unfortunately took us ages to use, the tawkeel said we must finish 1000 KM before starting to use it. And I fell in love with the power steering it makes maneuvering soooooo easy and relieves the tension from ones arm.

As for the drawbacks, think the fuel consumption is abit higher than the 128 and most important I cant apply the booz base cause still I am not fully aware of the car dimensions. Btw, I gave it the first scratch

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E N G Y said...

I envy you for the power thingie, beleive it or not, I cried days ago because of the killing arm pain after having a long fight with the direksiyon to park in a really very small place:(