25 September, 2007

i drank Evian water

Ok ok, I have been tricked, and bought a bottle of Evian water, ( natural mineral water from the French Albs) a one litter bottle that cost almost 12 or 14 pounds.

I hate such things, in alex I drink tap water, in cairo I drink bottled water, Egyptian bottled water. The thing is I found it near Nestle bottles and thought this is the improved Baraka brand after its acquisition by Nestle. But the bill was rather high and I took another look at it after I left and BAM as if I was hit by lightening, hated my self but at that time I couldn’t avoid it.

I hate such imported items (chocolates, fancy food, soft drinks…… etc) , for 2 reasons, usually the expiry date is within two months, and the storage isn’t that good fa u end up losing the true value of it, not to mention that they charge an incredible extra amount over its cost.

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