25 September, 2007

just el hamdulelah.

It is almost Maghreb time, and I am sitting in a cafeteria in ramsis station waitng for my 7 oclock train. Had to come to cairo early this morning after a very short notice me, being optimistic ( wink ) booked a head a return ticket in the 3 o’clock train hoping to have breakfast in alex and pray tarawee7 as normal, but seems I was living in lala land. Finished round 2:45 and innocently asked a friend if I can go from giza to ramsis in 15 minutes, thank god he was fasting and exercised the highest level of self-control. So here I am having Ramadan breakfast all alone in a cafeteria in ramsis station.

Just few people scattered on tables mostly unaccompanied and stranded like me and we all have this sad face on, I would like to think for not being with our families at this time. prayers go to all people who always have to spend such times unaccompanied

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i hate the feeling of loneliness in special occasions ... rabena yekfina shar el we7da