11 September, 2007


Ramadan. Ohhhhhhhhhhh god how much I am afraid, inshaa allah it is next Thursday this Thursday, I remember last Ramadan, how I prayed hard I could reach this one so I can makeup for all the pitfalls I made in it. And still I have this prayer, inshaa allah mosques will be praying taraweeh Tuesday evening. and every Ramadan I start praying the first day of Ramadan.

While I was in cairo a question came racing to my mind, who do I fear more when doing something wrong people or Allah.


nourita said...

yes this question often come to my mind...
May Allah grant us the chance and the strenght to pray as much as we can during this wholy month

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

honest answer for this question is PEOPLE

maybe cause we know that god is merciful and people are not ?