11 September, 2007

cairo cairo

Well, took my tour round city stars in cairo, virgin was a big disappointment didn’t find any new books but came across an interesting book called how to finance ur small business, thought it would be nice to c how the other side looks to it also another one really looking forward to read “working with you is killing me” sometimes I think I look for answers to my problems in books, but seems I am picking the wrong ones out as I never found a 1-2-3 manual

Compu me, the place where I can Easley spend a fortune without regret. Actually regret hits as soon as I chk my credit cards balance. This time I got a 500 gb external hard disk which is connected straight to the router. Hopefully this will be the home for all the movies and music files I have.. wanted to chk the new extension but I was really on a very tight schedule.

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