10 October, 2007

Operartion Deep Scrup

(Mini Master Mind & one of the characters of Transformers)

Well, been “ages” since I last “cleaned” and I am not talking about the normal dusting or cleaning, but deep scrubbing. The mission was motivated mainly by mom request as I literally ran out of space. Fa mom gave me an ultimatum, clean my room or she will take matters into her own hand. Which usually means every single paper, magazine, book will vanish.

Started taking it bit by bit, opening closed drawers and checking which things I can really do without disregarding its sentimental value. PC magazine, Windows and loghet el 3asr were the first to go. Imagine finding cover pages like “will OS2 WARP take over windows 95”, Best dot matrix printers for graphics and why upgrade to windows 3.11 for workgroups.

(Junior 1 report)

All out, along with tons of military magazines which I was really into. Found old school pics and reports old receipts manuals and first mobile phone, first pay slip. The only thing I will be holding to will be old issues of mickey magazine and books. Also found tons of CDs floppy disks and some even were 5.25. the operation had been going on for 2 days and I still estimate I will have another two days till it is all over.

first pay slip

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Rubi said...

yaa ya sameh i don't have my 1st payslip but i still recollect the EGP 600 and how glad i was to have them credited to my account.
Gosh was i naive