04 October, 2007

Ramadan spirit.

For no apparent reason I couldn’t find a taxi from my usual spot so I walked few blocks to the main street hoping my luck will change. Fa standing their keeping an eye for an empty taxi among they busy street and amazingly a red 128 ( my fav car ) pulls over with a midaged couple apparently on their way to work also and politely offered to give me a lift and politely I refused and thanked them. was really touched.
Cant imagine this happening any other except in Ramadan.

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E N G Y said...

I did it twice:))
With girls of course!:)
Also I do so a lot with ppl from work, wether I know them or not. If I see someone walking toward the company gate I stopp and I take them to the closest place for them and sometimes to home if I can afford this.
I feel happy to do this.
To tell the truth, co-worker tought me this, as long as I can offer and do this so why not.
why not??!!:))