13 November, 2007

Lady D

D is one of my friends, we randomly met and we discovered we have lots in common, common friends, education, college bla bla bla.

From my opinion she had the perfect job, she used to be a French teacher in a private school despite her being a business graduate. She always wanted more.

More not in financial terms or unrealistic dreams, but she simply wanted to be happy, loved and understood. Those were my thoughts of her needs, but she never expressed them bluntly rather she used the words bored, nothing new and want to do more.

She couldn’t continue living in Alex and couldn’t continue in what I saw as a dream job for women. So she took a courageous decision, she quit her job, settled in Cairo and took the career of a script translator. At that time I just finished reading the alchemist and how he started his journey to find meaning and purpose, she some how reminded me of him and wished she would find the same ending.

She is still not happy; she hates Cairo and the new career. But think she is better off venturing into new experiences and feelings.

Sometimes I wonder, are we humans created to be adventures and daring or we prefer to be safe and secure, just what is our default.

At this point of time lots of questions are just zooming in my head and all with no answer.

A final note, always laugh my heart out when I remember having lunch with her and I was walking behind her and she stood in front of the dinners door f or few seconds, first thought their was something wrong with the door, but she was waiting for me to open it and I didn’t realize that. We always have quite a laugh when I remember this situation ( she isn’t a snob and I am not that impolite)

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

god created us that adventurous, but alas we prefer to settle and accept what we have

that is why they say adventurous people are the winners ... they grab what they want from life ... and dont wait to be given anything

i have the book ... i will read it next