13 November, 2007

Winter thoughts

Ok, it is somewhat officially winter in Alex, and it rained Kaman just light rain for father winter to say I am here. Hope H is satisfied now, though I would have preferred poring rain, lighting and thunder and the whole works.
People in Alex are already in deep winter clothes, specially the girls. Seems the got bored of summer clothes and decided to switch despite how wonderful the weather is now. i personally think that winter clothes are more elegant on women than summer clothes.

Speaking of which, I have a VERY week point towards women in fur. Don’t know why. Just feel them more sexy and huggable in furs. Thank god I hardly see any furs in Egypt.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

winter winter winter ... i simply love winter

its clothes, its weather, rain, smell ... everything

it is getting colder here in cairo, but not to the extent of wearing winter clothes... elegant shawls ... and i can see one scarf or too

:) cant wait till it starts raining

E N G Y said...

Winter clothes, winter shoes& boots, I love this year shoes' fashion.
Who doesn't love the winter??

Anonymous said...

i adore Summer & its' clothes. While I hate winter but i like its clothes .. May b i hate winter for its coldness without any1 who could warm me up

Anonymous said...

Everyone who says they dont like fur is dumb, Fur is the "sexiest" garment ever