21 November, 2007

Me don’t like.

For geeks, this is the most exciting thing since the invention of the mobile phone, I followed its news since beta version, read extensive reviews since its actual launch but mmmmmmmmmmm.

Few of my friends got it and had tried it several times, Apple, I would give u this, awesome screen and thin, but software is basic, no frills all versions were hacked to work in Egypt and a bit on the heavy side.

Typing messages was rather funny, just like typing on glass, handling messages is rather strange as I couldn’t find a forward option. Doesn’t support 3G, and guys I am not talking about video calls, but data transfer rates.

On the major plus side and I would categorize as alien technology the zoom in and out of a picture and how the screen seamlessly changes orientation as u swivel the device vertically and horizontally.

Sells for 4,500 u get it from the states for 2000 my fair price for it would be 1500

Did I mention it contains an I pod. And don’t think I have to comment on it capabilities.

Note to Rubi. U gotta get u one as soon as it is available, this baby is has your name all over it.


Rubi said...

Tooo late my friend, my old one passed away last month had 2 replace it with an htc;) not bad aye?

Askandarani said...

laaaaaaaa, rubi carrying HTC, alas, bas mal7o2a, when the iphone is out, i will buy this ugly thing from u.