21 November, 2007

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is a king.

Got totally bored of work and was just after the 3esha prayer, watching the streets from my office window and I found 2 young men early twenties on their wheel chairs crossing the street from the club to a petrol station just the other side.

One of them both his legs were amputated the other young man had one leg totally amputated and the other leg just amputated above the knee and using an artificial limp.

They got out of the club wheeled a while to reach a U turn and then enter the petrol station. Our streets aren’t handicaps friendly they are even challenging for those enjoying perfect health.

The pavement is soooooo high, with no convenient slopes for the elderly and wheel chairs. So the one with a third of a leg just got out of the wheelchair, leaned on his friend wheel chair and gave him a push to help him up the almost 40cm high pavement, then pulled himself up with the help of his friend.
They did such a move perfectly as if they had practiced it over and over.
Just speechless. Tonight prayers goes to them and all the ones like them. May they serve as a reminder for the countless blessings we take for granted.

اللهم متعنا بابصارنا واسماعنا وقواتنا مااحييتنا اللهم عوض اخوننا خيرا في الجنه ان شاء الله
اللهم انفعهم بمايسرت لهم


Rubi said...

luved this one btw, while we keep wining abt meaningless stuff, here u find these 2 perfectly coping with their grave problem..
Yes prayers should go to them and thx God for what we have.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I really like about u is that you have a noticing eye and an apperciating character.

Jade said...

You know it is actually quite sad how the handicapped in Egypt can NOT go about their lives like others in other countries.

There is nothing really for them to do alone. So they end up staying at home. I salute you for your post & I salute any handicapped person out there that is willing to go to the club, & go about thier lives & socialize without feeling the pressure of society's unsympathizing eye & the governement's careless infrastructure.

Great post.
Allahoma E7fazna...

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that is what i was talking about at marwa blog
we have to experience the gratitude attitude, and thank god for everything we have

it is strange how someone may be sad cause he doesnt have a peugot 307, while he can see and walk and both hands exist

rabena ye2awihom, homa we ely zayohom ... we ye7fazna ... alahom amin