02 November, 2007

A sister my parents never gave me

I am sooooo happy tody, I got great news about a coworker who used to work with us, she was literally a sister. Unfortunately, she decided to quit and disappear.

Tried hard to get in touch but all my efforts weren’t rewarded. Just by mere coincidence was talking to an elder coworker who just met her father, el hamdulelah she left Egypt, went to the US, got married and has 2 daughters. Was soooo happy to hear the great news. Also Me appeared on the blogsphere again after ages, cant wait to read more from her.

Tonight prayers goes to her, her two daughters and all the ones who touched our lives in the most special way ever and our paths just went separate ways.

Again mounir song keeps echoing in my my head, “el lo2a akeed men ba3d el wada3”

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Me said...

Rabena m3aha insha Allah...sub7aan Allah.. the way people meet... then drift apart.. then meet again... I recently got in touch with my best friend from high school who was Bangladeshi.. and we hadn't met since 1997 !!! SHe got to me through Facebook... and is now married in the US !!

PS. insha ALlah you'll be reading more from me soon :-)