02 November, 2007

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it's over bet. us without one single word i know these are hardtimes but i told him i'll wait for you i know i'm not good at all at expressing myself even in the simplest of situations with the simplest words or gestures but he should know this i told him but i didn't tell him that i need him & i miss him alot. he just stopped communicating i tell myself he tried to speak to me afterwards but i didn't encourage him enough i didn't do my best... yes, i blame myself. other thoughts tell me "no" if he wanted to do anything he'd have done it he would have done anything to reach you. thoughts tear me apart:(((((( why on earth would a guy run after a girl for the sake of just a smile or a word or even a glance for months then dump her just like this????????

anonymus posted this as a reply on one of my posts, afraid i am not qualefied to advise, so inviting fellow bloggers to share their experience.

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Marwa Rakha said...

Hello anonymous

I would advise you to change how you do things if you want a different result.

Why were you afraid of expressing yourself? Is it the fear of being emotionally naked? Is it the fear of rejection? Have you been hurt before? Does it still hurt?

I cannot guarantee that you will not get hurt again and I cannot guarantee that he will not dump you again but I would certainly advise you to summon your guts and courage and express yoursef as best as you could.

Tell him that you miss him .. tell him that you love him .. show him that you want him in your life ... the worst case scenario is that he will reject you but then and only then you will know that you have done your best and that you have given him the benefit of the doubt.

When we were kids they used to scare us with many legends; rat room, abou regl masloukha, and many others ... they never existed ... they were only ghosts in our minds... be brave and face the demons.