02 February, 2008

Blog sphere status

Well, the people I really like reading started to disappear or discontinue blogging. Along with such actions I feel I want to reach to them and c what is wrong what is happening and if I can help.

Freaky isn’t it, and the most scary thing for me why is this bond building up, I read news papers, magazines, books, why doesn’t this bond appear then and only appear while I read blogs?

If someone come with the same story, I would simply tell him “get a life”

Speaking of which, a really wonderful day in Alex, bright and sunny, blue skies, big fluffy white clouds and warm. The kind of weather u wish you are out enjoying with someone.

Speaking about getting a life

This last week was super stressful for me. Had to submit my late exams. Here I am not talking about just exams, but the whole thing, exam answers, late assignment, case studies and essays. Not for one subject but for two subjects. As if this wasn’t enough had a presentation Kaman about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Imagine me, standing up, talking about sexual harassment knowing their will be 2 females among the audience, I skipped inserting a video in the slide show, and forewarned everyone that any questions will be strongly retaliated by asking if this was a really situation the person asking experienced. Went like a breath, but have no idea the impression I gave the doctor.

And as u put a cherry on a perfect Sunday ice-cream, my distinguished and highly esteemed organization surprised me with a quick test compromising of 11, and I read again “ELEVEN” case studies of which I have to chose 3 and submit by next Tuesday ( original dead line was last Thursday but due to “technical difficulties” it was postponed till said date)

The case studies should be work related, but I had the feeling that some how it has something to do with my knowledge of Chinese, nuclear physics and the reproductive habits of the ZogZog.

Leave u now with a short clip from my all time favorite TV series which some how relates to me, my presentation and holding back. And a pic of a perfect day in sweet alex.

Askandarani, from Roastery Raml station over and out,.

Beam my up Scotty.


Shimaa Gamal said...

Roastery mn3'iery :) di kheyana 3ozma :)

I really wish I could help with the reproductive habits of the zogzog.

Anyway, you have a life. Getting attached to reading someone doesn't mean that you don't have a life. I stopped reading bareed el ahram since the late abd el wahab motawe3. And I still miss him, kol yoom gom3a. Does this mean eny I don't have a life?? I have life, at least I have life if friday :) :)

nourita said...

I agree with Shimaa "Getting attached to reading someone doesn't mean that you don't have a life”

Happy that u enjoyed the sunny blue sky day...

You know I have never been to Alexandria, but u and askandarani away made love this city and curious to visit it

Pink Unicorn said...

It’s true that the weather these days is amazing .. thank God ..
you know how much I was wishing for more sunny moments ….. if only all wishes could come true as quick ..
I’m happy to hear you had the chance to enjoy too ..

As for being attached to reading certain blogs , I don’t think it indicates a “ no life “ status ..
I mean blogging isn’t the same as chating for example, that some people are addicted to .. just to kill time ..
Blogging is different, reading a blog is like opening a window to someone’s soul.. it’s really interesting .. really inspiring ..
I – too – get very anxious to read some blogs I visit ,and can hardly wait for their new posts to have another clue on how they think and how they see life as a whole ..

I think it – somehow – show you that there are people out there of your own kind ..
And that deeply helps .. it’s a real relieve..

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

from where to start .. mmmm

ok, i agree with the girls that getting attached to some bloggers ain't freaky ... through blogs we build a bond ... by reading each other's deepest secrets and strangest ideas... and communicate via comments ... bloggers are those virtual friends who know about you more than your own physical friends do... so it is perfectly normal to feel so

i myself was at a certain point attached to the extent that i started to loose my real existence into the blog world ... people became bloggers... life became words of blogs

the other point about closing the blog and disappearing ... well many reasons dear: life, frustration, thieves who steal ideas and words as it happen with many including me

at a certain point you lose the point behind blogging, and it started to take a blurry shape till it disappear

i am seriously thinking of doing so... but everytime i do, i remember your word: how was life before blogging???

boring... blogging is my window, besides i practice we bagarab feko before i become a writer :D:D:D

wish you luck in your zogzog research study :)