09 February, 2008

here i go again na nana na

Here I go again, another trip to Cairo and another apartment hunt. Didn’t think it was that difficult, I thought I wasn’t demanding khales.

Just a small apartment, 90-120m, it is taking me more than 2 weeks skipping lectures and spending the weekends with interesting people. Though I went to specialized companies but I found the same treatment as I found with samasra. Think I still have a bit long and bumpy road before I can settle down.

Deep inside me, feel Cairo is the devil, and I am selling my self to it, (bedazeled and Faust struck me most now)

Fellow bloggers do dig in with me in this, I just need a 90-120m appt, in an acceptable location, to be near to giza, specifically the zoo as much as possible, can pay 200,000 cash, 3ala el tarabiza, and install the remaining amount with monthly payment not exceeding 3,000 gondi. And if the appt is eligible for mortgage, I can pay for it 400,000.

Maadi, Mokatam, Manyal and Doki are on top of my list, Nasr city, Tagamo3, 6th of October, and Heliopolis (though love the architecture) are rather far, but I am keeping an open mind.

Advices regarding, how to select an appt, price range, nice places and connections to people who know their way around such matters are most welcomed. And if inshaa Allah all went ok, tips and tricks to furnish such an apartment in the most “cost effective” way is welcomed.

Ps. won’t be willing to sacrifice at least a 32’ LCD TV with surround sound and DVD.

a pic from the train for reef masr el gameel.


nourita said...

Cairo is not the devil,I love this city and i miss her a lot ;-)
unfortunately i cant help on your appt chasing ...im very far
good luck and keep us updated!

Eman said...

Good Luck with ur search , i recommend 2 u if i may tab3n, elremaya, good spot near the pyramids,and in the mean while a good investment, it will b double its price the comin years
u can call the semsar El 7ag Ibrahim :33763190
best of luck 2 u

Askandarani said...

nourita, u havent been to alex.

Eman, Thanks a million for the tip, will consider this area as well.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

cairo is the devil ... the monster that swallows the strangers coming from the governorates

life rhythm is the key
if you manage to cope up with the fast cruel unmerciful life rhythm :) so you are ok

i told you before dear, you will never like it here ... with your dreamy nature :P:P:P

and now get ready to embrace the devil niahahahahahah