19 February, 2008

A must see

Every once in a while I come through a movie that touches me in a special way; the last movie was “the devil wears Prada” and the new one is “the bucket List”.

Movie fanatics sure know the tagline, but actually seeing it was amazing, it talks about two men in the terminal stage of cancer and how they want to spend their last days, their families, wishes, hopes, regrets, suffering and smiles.

This film touched some of my fears. Growing old, dying alone, terminal diseases and how a person look back to his life and work. And above all what truly matters in life.


Shimaa Gamal said...

I saw the promo for that movie and my comment was "this will be a good movie". I hope I can have the chance to watch it.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

two of my favorit stars, i cant wait to see it

the idea itself is scary, and this moment ... this moment of standing on the top of the hill, and look down at myself .. and everything i did, and ask the ugly Question... where do i stand now?! and what did i achieve

dying alone ... well, it doesnt really matter, i will be in peace ... and the last thing i will see is the ceiling of my room ... but i dont wanna grow old ... and i wanna die young, i always ask god to make me die young ... hope he accept this prayer

askandarani ... the sun is out there... but does it really matter if inside ourselves there is endless night ?

Anonymous said...

Cancer it's really too much nowadays. It's really hard for anyone to know that his/her life is coming to an end very soon but I think the most important thing before we pass away is to tell all people we love how they make our lives and that they mean too much for us.