19 February, 2008

a Sad Walk

Couple of nights ago as I was walking home a mid aged woman was walking in front of me facing the coming car traffic. She was average, nothing special or outstanding.
We had the same rhythm fa kept almost the same distance.

Then a corolla pulled over, a mid aged driver who I would at any given day perceive as a nice person started flashing the head lights and lifting his hand slightly as if saying hi. She ignored him and continued walking.

Thought the story was over and the guy would move along, but he took a u turn and gave it another trial. With the same response from the lady, ignored him totally.

The same story repeated but instead of the corolla it was a Nissan sunny, and yes it was 2 trials bardo. Both me appeared to be mid fifties, well off and decent.

Their was absolutely nothing special about her, just a woman, most probably walking home after a long day at work just like me, I took a quick glimpse of her face as I crossed the street, felt she was about to cry.
I can’t imagine how it felt for her; how she will go home and most probably will never mention the incident in order to avoid getting her family worried or simply to avoid the argument.

Most probably she will spend the night thinking of the image she is reflecting, the way she dress and walk and what she could do to avoid such situation again.

Come to think of it, she was lucky compared to more dark scenarios that we end up reading about in the papers.

Night prayers goes to her, and all the ones suffering in silent and afraid to talk, for all the people who are suppressed by different means and cant even scream or share. May Allah grant them strength, courage and strong spirits to overcome perils.


E N G Y said...

Don't be such sensetive toward such situations as long as u r moving to cairo..sad to admit it..but it's the fact here..it happens all the time to all girls\women..we stoped thinking and blamng ourselves..it's just happen all the time!!:(

Shimaa Gamal said...

Yeah, Engy is right. It happen all the time. I stopped even thinking about it. I can't deny eny i get scared sometimes, and eny ba2raf the other times but at the end of the day there is nothing wrong about me. Once I get out I know that this wil happen. I can't walk, I can't wait for a taxi coz simply 3arbyat Cairo kolaha hato2afly, and in the only time I was waiting for a friend a taxi we2fely without asking him and when I ignored him he shouted eh 3ayza malaky :(
heya di masr ...

Pink Unicorn said...

I loved this post ..

Simply coz it's the first time I hear a guy to talk about with such a sympathetic tone ..
usually everybody – men or women – just ignore the whole situation ..
As disgusting it is, it repeats a lot, and in most cases, absolutely nothing is wrong with the girl but it still happens ..
I guess it’s because a combination of that morals are really declining and the fact that the guy is pretty sure no one in the street will interfere or tell him off ..

I think it’s very sweet of you to notice how humiliating it was for the lady and think of how she must be feeling ..
Thanks for sharing that moment.

Hechkok said...

A usual walk you mean, something you see each day in streets, it has nothing to do with the girls or women, it is a simple idea that growed in their head, these freaky men think that all girls what ever innocent and behaved they look could be prostetudes and should be treated in such a way. You hate what they do and you try to change it as you can but it is a bad culture that do exist.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i am not sure if i should comment on the incident, cause in cairo it happens day and night, and even if u r wearing a tent ... it will happen

a girl in cairo face harrasment at least once a day .. a fact of life, and as the girlz said, we stopped thinking about it, and the only thought we have is how men are turning into horny animals ... no offence :)

but what actually triggered me is ... suffering in silence... how many of us suffer in silence in a way or another, for whatever reason ! alas, i dont wanna seem dark, but it is our daily activity, to suffer in ilence

u know which time i hate the most during the day??? it is before i go to bed, that is why i deliberatly exhaust my mind, it helped a little, but there is still this voice that resound in my head calling for dreams that didnt came true

ffffff i better go, before y dark mood fill this white little space